Establishing a Work-from-Home Routine

As a remote worker, it’s up to you to be just as motivated and focused as you would be in an on-site workplace. That success factor can hinge on a solid work-from-home routine.

Working from home can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. According to Gallup, remote workers reported better overall well-being and higher engagement than employees working in the office. Remote work offers benefits for employees, including:

  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Greater flexibility to work anywhere
  • Better work-life balance

Although there are many pros, being a productive remote worker does come with responsibility. Consider the following tips to establish your work-from-home routine:

  • Establish a morning routine. Set yourself up for success by setting an alarm, dressing like you would for the office and focusing on self-care (e.g., journal, meditate or exercise). Without a commute, use that extra time to do something meaningful for yourself.
  • Designate a workspace so you can mentally enter work mode. Try to avoid working from your kitchen table, bed or couch.
  • Use a to-do list. Create a daily list of tasks you need to complete and estimate how much time you’ll need to spend on each one.
  • Resist the urge to multitask. Stay on task and save your chores and housework for before or after the workday.
  • Set an afternoon routine. It’s just as important to have a routine or ritual to combat the afternoon slump. It could be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea to power through your afternoon schedule.

If you’re feeling burnt out or often distracted, talk to your supervisor or manager about how they can help.

Tips for Working a Hybrid Schedule

Hybrid work environments have become popular due to the pandemic. If you’re new to a hybrid schedule, having a combination of in-office and remote work can help you retain some flexibility. Still, it can also be difficult and stressful to navigate.

87% of employees want to work from home at least one day of the week, according to the Pulse of the American Worker Survey. Furthermore, 68% of American workers say that hybrid work is the ideal model.

Whether you’re already working a hybrid schedule or it’s potentially on the horizon for your workplace, it’s important to establish a routine that fits you. Consider these tips for working a hybrid schedule:

  • Establish working hours. Setting consistent hours holds you accountable to yourself and your manager and team. Since your working location varies daily, it’s important to set and stick to your hours.
  • Mirror your home and office desk setups. Working at your desk should be comfortable, so set up your office and at-home desks to have similar organization and ergonomics. This can help you transition between work environments.
  • Pack an office bag. Save time in the morning by having a bag ready the night before with office items like chargers, earbuds, notebooks, glasses and snacks.
  • Segment your work tasks. Reimagine time management and your efficiency by categorizing tasks best done in the office versus at home.
  • Interact with your team as much as possible. If everyone is working different hybrid schedules, you may feel isolated when working from home. Try to connect with your team on email, chat or other channels while also making the most of in-person interactions in the office.
  • Communicate openly with your manager. You’ve likely already worked with your manager to establish your hybrid schedule, but continue to communicate about any location changes, concerns or needs as they come up.

Managing a hybrid schedule doesn’t have to be challenging, but it can require self-discipline and organization to be prepared for the workday.