How does the billing process work?

You run payroll with your payroll company.  Your payroll company sends CoverEase your payroll data within 7 days of your check date. CoverEase (or your carrier) calculates premium based on your actual payroll, rates and employee classifications and sends you an email with your billing amount and details.  Your amount due is withdrawn from your bank account 2 business days later.  It’s that simple.

I’m not receiving emails from CoverEase.  Why might this occur?

Emails from CoverEase might be getting caught in your SPAM filter or we may have the wrong email address on file. Contact to update your email address with CoverEase.

What is the expense constant?

Expense Constant is the standard cost of issuing and maintaining a policy that is assessed by the insurance company. This charge is filed with and regulated by the state and is collected with each premium payment.

What is the admin fee?

The admin fee is a one-time annual per policy fee charged by CoverEase.

What is the adjusted billing rate, and why is it different than what shows on my policy?

The adjusted or “billing” rate applies factors to the base rate to account for premium discount, experience modifications, state surcharges and assessments.  We do this so that you don’t have to pay surcharges and assessments upfront.

Why is my debit amount higher/lower than normal?

Your premium calculation is based on actual payroll.  Your last payroll may have been higher or lower than normal due to adding or terminating employees or bonuses, etc.

Why did I receive notices for multiple pay period dates or why is my debit delayed?

We process payroll files as we receive them from your payroll company. If your policy is new, we may have received multiple pay periods at once to get you caught up.  Your billing may have been delayed as we were confirming that your employees were all classified correctly.

My policy cancelled, why am I still receiving a premium withdrawal notice?

We collect premium for all payrolls that fall within your policy period.  Your policy may have cancelled, but we received the data for your last payroll after the cancel date.  Audits are also processed on cancelled policies and there could be an audit premium due or owed to you.

Why did I receive an email asking me to classify my employees?

Workers’ comp. premiums are based on each employee’s job duties, and correspond to the class codes that were set up on your policy.  When a new employee is hired, we need to know what their class code is so that proper coverage is established, and the correct premium is charged.

When I click on the link in the billing notification for more detail, the total shown on the report doesn’t match the amount of my debit?

The expense constant is listed separately at the bottom of the report under “Policy Fees,” and should be added to the premium to get the correct total.

Where can I view transaction history and detail?

You can view history and detail through by logging into our billing portal here.

What happens if I don’t have enough money in my account to cover the premium withdrawal?

If we are unable to draw the amount for your premium, your policy may be subject to cancellation for non-payment and/or fees for non-sufficient funds.

How do I update my bank information?

Please contact CoverEase at 888-611-3273

How do I update my billing/contact information?

Please send an email to

Who can I contact for billing questions?

You can email or call 888-611-3273.