The Fed/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) was again stayed by the Supreme Court on January 13th, having been in effect for four days since January 10th. However, this might not represent the final word on whether OSHA can enforce the ETS.

Additionally, recall that Cal/OSHA still has an active ETS and their revised COVID-19 Prevention Plan goes into effect Friday, January 14th.

So what does that mean for employers?

COVID-19 remains a major challenge for many employers. And regardless of the status of the ETS, under the OSHA General Duty clause, employers still have a requirement to maintain a safe and healthy worksite.

Join the ESM team for a one hour update on the status of the ETS and what employers need to do in the short term to comply with existing regulations, while also planning long-term risk management goals. The primary topics include:

  • COVID-19 ETS Update
  • Leveraging technology to implement your 2022 risk management plan
  • Utilizing the strategy and results to obtain credits on your Work Comp premiums

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